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It's a common nation... that from our beginnings, mankind has looked up to the heavens and asked the question "Are we alone?"  Now an extensive series of recently exposed classified documents are serving as extraordinary evidence that we may have known the answer all along.

The Earth, some 40000km in circumference, revolves around its axis in a perfect precisioned manner every 24 hours. An idea. An innovation. A new way of thinking which will changethe meaning of life............ .Welcome to WE ARE NOT ALONE web production for Shareing the Information. In these following pages you shall discover some of the most intruging UFO mysteries of this century and in the World, and possibly walk the path to becoming an astronaut to discover the vast corners of our universe. We have precisely designed the site and language so that comprehension and entertainment will be with you as you navigate through my site. As for UFO fanatics and keen space explorers, you shall be able to share your theories and possibly, personal experiences with other fellow colleges around the world through the many communication facilities that we have designed.


The Truth is within our Reach
What I've tried to do with this website is to bring forth the truth about this incident, and possibly other incidents that have been covered up over the years.  The world needs to know.  We are not alone, and we are not what we think we are.

During my research I have visiting hundreds of Alien Abduction and UFO and Alien Visitor related websites and links, the best of the websites and links will be found on this Homepage and other Web sites that I have Created , ALL Alien and UFO related Websites and Links visited by the Alien Visitor UFO Alien Abduction Research Project.

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                                   Take a Trip through my Homepage,and visit other Links and Homepages on the web,and them think and wonder are we really alone in the Universe or are we alone on planet Earth, I cannot make you believe,but it is your own believe.
Enjoy the Videos and Pictures and other links to the Best sites in the Internet,on Aliens,UFOS and Hope the you visit my Site,One day again.

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