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Truth and Lies about UFOs, Other Humanities, and Our Future.    

For sixty years, scientists and the public have debated the answer to this question, yet none have considered  to be true or not to be true,Are they true ,or are they just made up stories“We are absolutely sure that the cannibals from Africa and the Amazon also felt very annoyed when they could not capture an explorer. Regarding concrete facts about flying saucers, people want to proceed like cannibals, however, it is clear that the crews of those cosmic ships who know human savagery very well are not willing to let themselves be ensnared, since they know very well the fortune that awaits them that is, the intellectual would make them prisoners, the ships would be seized and used for war, etc.”


Logical analysis of the facts demonstrates not only the existence of advanced humanities and life on other planets, but their presence on our planet. There are thousands of documented cases of unexplained ships, hundreds of cases of governments hiding what they know, and decades of an attempt to encourage the populace to discard the facts as fantasy or foolishness. Through stories from his own experience and analysis of well known events, That shows that much of what we believe about extraterrestrials is false, based on fear, stubborn skepticism, and outright lies. He explains how easy it is for advanced humanities to hide from us, and why they must: because we are so consumed by psychological defects like pride, greed, and envy that we are a danger to ourselves and the universe. That is why they are here: to understand why we are such savages, and how to help us change for the better. It is time for us to stop trying to capture or destroy them, and welcome their assistance.

Officials have admitted the number of 
 more than
doubled last year - including one spotted hovering over Parliament

A total of 285 unidentified flying objects were reported to the Ministry Of Defence in 2008, compared to just 135 in 2007, according to official documents. The reports include a mystery craft spotted hovering opposite Parliament was reported on February 12th, 2008. According to the document: 'There was a craft that had green, red and white lights. It was still and static in the sky. It was seen for about half an hour.'The rise in the number of the biggest since 1998 , was described as 'phenomenal' by experts. The MoD only investigate reports of unidentified flying objects that it considers may pose a risk to national security, and most of the incidents seem just to have been logged and ignored. On June 28, near Cobham in Somerset, a document notes that someone reported seeing 'something interesting' in the sky. A few days earlier, it states: 'Twenty-five amber lights were seen leaving the Heathrow area. They were seen travelling West at 45 degrees, 200-300 knots'.

Another interesting sighting was reported in February 2008 where a
UFO the size of a 747 was reported above Leeds, West Yorkshire. That craft was described as a 'jumbo jet sized object which was flat and round with a blue ripple underside. It made no sound and then disappeared.





The history of UFO pictures really goes back as far as the time when the cameras became common place. In the early days of ufo research (late 1940's) ufo pictures were all the investigators had as evidence. This was the main stay of the Government BLUE BOOK project that was to determine the official view on UFOs for the next four decades.

Within the Blue book files many Ufo pictures were hidden or lost and some were shown as fakes to dispel the growing phenomena.Governments should prepare for the worst if aliens visit Earth because beings from outer space are likely to be just like humans, a leading scientist is claiming.And while aliens could come in peace they are quite as likely to be searching for somewhere to live, and to help themselves to water, minerals and fuel,"If you have a planet much smaller than ours, the gravity is so weak it loses its atmosphere. If the planet is much bigger, its gravity is so strong that everything crawls around on the ground, because you don't have to fall far to break everything.

It's fantastically dull."Research and Understanding is the only way man ever evolves as a species. Since we know that Aliens and UFO's exist and since our leaders either aren't trying to understand our not so far off friends or are hiding something very important, it seems that it's up to us as the people of Earth to conduct research of are own. Without the help of you the reader we simply will never find the truth. If you have had any type of experience with Aliens or UFO's it's very important that you report that data Here so we can archive and investigate it and make it readily available to anyone who wishes to know the truth.

In todays world every one seems to have a camera handy for when the unexpected happens and that includes unexplainable objects in the sky. There are so many different UFO sightings around the globe that it's becoming increasingly harder for Governments to simply say it was a weather balloon. Mix that with the different Alien pictures, paintings, and sculptures from thousands of years ago up until today and the evidence becomes impossible to ignore.Since the dawn of time itself we have been visited by UFO's and Aliens. There are many paintings sculptures and stories of creatures from the heavens. Some made them out to be Gods, some friends, and some teachers of science and math.


Take this painting named "The Madonna with Saint Giovannino", It was painted in the 15th Century by a great artist Domenico Ghirlandaio. In this painting you can very clearly see a UFO in the sky and a man looking up at the strange object. This further proves the fact that Aliens do exist and have visited our planet for many years and are currently still visiting.

The National Declassification Center in College Park, Md., opened one of more than 100 cardboard boxes from the Air Force recently and came across a 114-page document from 1956 sure to interest the tin-foil-hat crowd: a document describing a secret program by the Air Force to build a flying saucer.
The truth isn’t out there … it’s been stored in a warehouse for 56 years.

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