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The circular evidence presents hard evidence of a UFO event. If we can tie crop formations into other landing site data, then they can be directly associated to the UFO phenomenon. Therefore, the evidence would suggest a real, solid object interacting within our time/space continuum.




This is the home of the *U* Database. *U* is a serious 20 year UFO research effort to catalog, map, and do statistics on UFO reports worldwide. Dates range from recent to ancient times. Foo fighters, ghost rockets, flying saucers, disks, cones, domes, wheels, spheres, probes, deltoids, flying triangles, cylinders; boomerang, lens and related shapes; landings, robots and even humanoid occupants are reported. Sighting waves from 1947, 1950, 1952, 1954, 1973 etc. are mapped and graphed.

Discovered hoaxes and misidentified mundane events are weeded out. Fireballs, night-lights and similar phenomena with low information content are passed over.
*U* does not catalog miracles, chupacabras, bigfoot, crop circles, folklore, ghosts, paranormal, new-age nor Fortean events unless clearly UFO related.
Cult and contactee tales are extremely suspect. Still, a surprising 18,552 UFO / OVNI sightings are listed, from a large set of reference sources.
Burlington National UFO Center

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AREA 51 Map

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Space Center Houston, NASA Parkway, Houston, TX, United States

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Roswell, NM, United States

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