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The Secret
presents the story
of how leaked government documents prove that the United States has been recovering crashed unidentified flying objects, often known as flying saucers, since 1941, and has been successful in keeping this information from the public.

These documents have been examined using forensic techniques and are declared genuine by those who examine the subtleties of paper, ink age, watermark, type fonts, classification stamps and markings.The central basis of the documentary is the content of the documents and the amazing story they tell  a different approach.This program is not a rehash of the old Roswell crash scenarios, providing evidence that the first U.S. crash was in Missouri in 1941.
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Are we alone in the universe? We'll know soon

Nasa's Curiosity, the rover now on Mars, may find evidence for creatures that lived early in Martian history; firm evidence for even the most primitive bugs would have huge import. There could be life in the ice-covered oceans of Jupiter's moon Europa. But what really fuels popular imagination is the prospect of advanced life , the "aliens" familiar from science fiction and nobody expects a complex biosphere in those locations.Suppose, however, we widen our gaze beyond our solar system. Astronomers have learnt that other stars have planets circling round them. Nasa's Kepler spacecraft monitors about 150,000 stars, measuring their brightness sensitively enough to detect the very slight dimming (about one part in 10,000) that occurs when an Earth like planet transits a sun like star. The data already reveals thousands of planets. But we'd really like to see these planets directly ,not just their shadows  and that's hard. To realise just how hard, suppose an alien astronomer with a powerful telescope was viewing Earth from, say, 50 light years away.

Our planet would seem, in Carl Sagan's phrase, a "pale blue dot", very close to a star (our sun) that outshines it many billion times ; a firefly next to a searchlight. But if the hypothetical aliens could detect Earth, they could learn quite a bit about it. The shade of blue would be slightly different depending on whether the Pacific Ocean or the Eurasian land mass was facing them. They could infer the length of the day, the seasons, the gross topography and the climate.In the 2020s, European astronomers hope to complete, in Chile, a telescope with a mosaic mirror 39 metres across. It will be powerful enough to analyse the faint light from planets orbiting other stars with enough precision to infer whether they harbour life.We know too little about how life began on Earth to lay confident odds. It may have involved a fluke so rare that it happened only once in the entire galaxy. On the other hand, it may have been almost inevitable, given the right environment. In the next two decades we can expect progress in understanding the biochemistry of life's origins: this is one of the great unsolved problems  fascinating to the most Earth-focused biologist, but also crucial in guiding astronomers on how and where to search for alien life.


We are not alone in the universe, Canadians believe

CALGARY - It's not quite an invasion of the body snatchers, but the number of UFO sightings in Canada was up in 2011, with an average of nearly three reported every day.Ranging from bright lights in the sky to colourful orbs to unexplained crafts, there were 986 reports of unidentified flying objects across the country last year, according to the 2011 Canadian UFO Survey.UFOs, it seems, saw Toronto as the centre of the universe. That city had the highest number of UFO reports, with 34. Calgary came in second, with 26, while Kelowna was third, with 19.Sightings lasted an average of 11 minutes, according to the report, and each was seen by an average of two people.

The report also says an average of 11% of sightings were judged to be unexplained, a number which falls to 1% "when only higher-quality cases are considered."
The proliferation of reality television shows could be one reason behind the uptick in sightings, said Bill Birnes, producer and host of UFO Hunters and publisher of UFO Magazine.You'll see a show on television and you'll say, 'Wow, that reminds me of something I saw.' Or you look up and see something and think, 'If those shows are on TV, maybe I'm not crazy if I report it,' so people suddenly step up and say 'I saw something I can't explain,'" he said."And people reporting having seen UFOs are no longer thought of as crazy."The stigma is mainly declining, so people are less afraid to report, and a majority of people polled in North America feel UFOs are a real phenomenon.

While most UFOs reported likely aren't piloted by little green men from another planet, that doesn't mean they don't exist or haven't yet visited Earth, Birnes believes.
"I can't tell you where it's from, but I certainly think there is a phenomenon out there," Birnes said.

"We have evidence of that phenomenon from multiple witness sightings of real events and photographic evidence.

There's some stunning photography of these things, and the more skeptics try to debunk them, the more these photos hold up and these photos date back to the 1950s."
In fact, Birnes thinks we could soon get an answer to the question "Are we alone?""I think at some point we will find out a couple of things," he said."I think we'll find out they really are from other planets, that there's more than one species flying these things, and planet Earth is like a truck stop in the solar system."

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